New details have come out for Fire Emblem Engage’s upcoming DLC Wave 3, which includes Chrom, Robin, and Veronica. Today, the focus will be on Chrom and Robin, who are voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and Yoshimasa Hosoya in the Japanese version, respectively. Both of them are under one emblem, the ‘Emblem of Bonds.’ Check out all the details below (via Perfectly Nintendo).


Emblem of Bonds:

  • Sync Skill: Surprise Attack (official English name TBC!). Prevents enemy units from launching a counterattack when your unit is attacking from terrain that boosts evasion (such as thickets).
  • Engage Weapon (Robin): Levin Sword. A magic sword that can hit distant enemies with thunder magic.
  • Engage Skill: Hanshin (official English name TBC!). Robin takes part in a Chain Attack when unit initiates combat.
  • Engage Attack: Giga Levin Sword (official English name TBC!). Unit attacks using a sword imbued with magical power.

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