As we all know the 3DS and Wii U eShops are coming to a close on March 27th and the ability to add funds to either store has already gone offline save for through linking accounts.

If you weren’t aware, by linking your Nintendo Network ID from the Wii U and 3DS to your Nintendo Account on the Switch you could consolidate funds from both eShops and still add funds to buy things on Wii U and 3DS even now. Unfortunately, this service too will come to an end in March of 2024.

If you have a balance on your Wii U and 3DS we highly suggest linking the accounts so that money won’t become useless once this service goes offline too. Below we have linked to an official Nintendo Support article that will detail how to link your accounts.

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1+ y ago


March 2024 is in one year, not one month! Unless I’m missing something…


1+ y ago

@jumpmanfr The eShops will close in March of this year but the ability to link accounts will shut down in 2024. Sorry if the wording was confusing