It seems a Nintendo Switch port of Solar Ash could be on the way. The ESRB has rated a Switch version of the adventure platformer, meaning it’s basically all but confirmed now. There is no release date or official announcement from the developers over at Heart Machine or publisher Annapurna Interactive, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it happens. In the meantime, check out the Rating Summary from the ESRB of the T-rated Solar Ash below.

This is an action-adventure game in which players control a character battling environmental anomalies and enemies in a surreal world. From a third-person perspective, players traverse platforms and landscapes, collect energy/power-ups, and fight enemies in melee-style combat. Larger boss characters require players to climb/skate up their limbs to strike weak points before impaling an eye-like central spot. During the course of the game, a stylized half-figure (arms and torso cut into sections) is depicted with blood dripping from its body; the abstract figure is seen with a spear stuck through her torso. The word “bastard” appears in the game.

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