The image above may make Earthbound fans just a tad uncomfortable. You’re looking at the Evil Mani-Mani statue from Earthbound, which is an item that causes all kinds of chaos in the game. If you’re someone who happens to love chaos, you’ll be happy to know that an official replica of the in-game statue is on the way.

Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi has revealed this mini Evil Mani-Mani mini statue is on the way from his 1101 shop, and it’s priced at roughly $73. Best of all, Itoi’s shop has no problems shipping worldwide! You have from now until March to lock in a pre-order through this link.

In-game, the Evil Mani Mani statue is a mystical object that brings out the evil in human beings. The statue enhances people’s desire for fame and fortune, hence the name’s similarity to the word “money” and the resemblance to an Oscar award. Alternately, the “Mani” in its name may be taken from the word “manipulate”.

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