Dauntless has been updated to Ver. 1.13.3 on Switch, starting Season 3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Gauntlet Season 3

Gauntlet Season 3 arrives with new challenges and rewards!

Two new modifiers have been added to Gauntlet levels, among other returning favourites.

  • Push and Pull: Have 5% lifesteal on attacks, but take continuous slow damage over time.
  • Exhaustion: At full health, deal 50% increased damage. While missing any health, deal 50% decreased damage.

Earn new weapon trackers from the Research Lab, and climb the Gauntlet leaderboard to secure brand-new exclusive titles this season, such as Indomitable, Undaunted, and more!

New Cells

Three new themed cells are available in the Research Lab this season.

  • Earth: Hitting a Behemoth while your shields are over 200 will detonate all of your shields, dealing damage equal to (100/150/200/300/400/400)% of the shields spent. At rank 6, gain 100 shields after detonation.
  • Water: After dodging through an attack, you will be immune to stagger, and take (10/20/30/60/80/100)% less damage from the next attack within 45 seconds.
  • Fire: Gain (5/7.5/10/12.5/15/20)% Attack Speed. Gain (5/10/15/20/25/30)% Movement Speed. When hitting a Behemoth with a weapon attack, lose health equal to (1/2/3/4/5/5)% of your max health.

If you haven’t gotten the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle cells from Season 2, you can use your leftover crests from Season 2 for a guaranteed +1 cell from the Last Chance tab of the Research Lab. After two weeks, the Season 2 cells will no longer be available for direct redemption. They will only appear in random core drops thereafter.

Banked XP Limit Increase

Earn even more banked XP while at level 20 – enough to return right to level 20 when you reforge!

Unlock additional banked XP limits in the Slayer’s Path.

Event: The Silver Sword Returns

The Silver Sword event returns from March 9 to 30. You will be able to resume progress from where you had left off during Frostfall.

The only differences are that there will be no hilt to purchase from Honest Ozz, and no Frostfall coins as a reward or quest objective.

Hunt Passes: Ostian Enforcers & Barbaric Fury

Join the loyal Ostian Enforcers in their bid to protect the dark secrets of their homeland. Unlock the Ostian Enforcers cosmetic Hunt Pass to stand with them and earn Ostian rewards.

Driven from their home by Ostia, the Krolachi warriors are ready to fight for their homeland. Unlock the Barbaric Fury cosmetic Hunt Pass to join them in their fight and earn unique Krolachi rewards.

Reward Cache

The Reward Cache has been replenished with new items. Collect Pathfinder coins and redeem them for the Master’s and Seeker’s armour sets, the full Adamant Fist’s weapon set, and more!



  • Adjusted seasonal challenges that required breaking all parts on a Behemoth to account for Behemoths with regenerating parts.

Bug Fixes


  • Added missing interrupt mastery objectives to Alyra, Frostwulf, and Phaelanx mastery cards.


  • Adjusted some Gauntlet menu text for clarity.

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