As part of the lead-up to launch, developer Kautki Cave and publisher Untold Tales will be releasing episodes of “The Beast of Orbis,” a series of new trailers for Flame Keeper that introduces the creatures of the game. The first episode gives us a look at The Pixie, and you can check out the 30-second trailer for it above. Flame Keeper launches for Nintendo Switch on March 17th, 2023.

The Pixie has conquered most of Orbis thanks to a fast reproduction rate and a marked hostility, you will see it often! This little rat demon is repulsive enough by himself, but careful not to get overwhelmed when his buddies are around!

Ignis sends them flying by the tail ecosystem-regulation style, straight into the dark corners of the map. That’ll teach them to threaten the Vulpis village (and be a little bit disgusting).


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