In a bit of an odd move, RedDeer Games and Longterm Games have announced plans to bring a game to Switch, but they haven’t revealed the game itself.

In the press release, RedDeer states that they’ve signed a deal with Longterm to bring their game to the Switch, and that game has been in development for two years. Absolutely nothing is shown for the game, so we have no clue what it’s about or what it looks like. All we get is a statement from RedDeer on why they picked the game up for publishing.

We saw the game in action and I must admit that our team is very impressed with the quality of the production. We are glad that we will be able to maximize its sales on Switch.

[Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO and co-founder of RedDeer Games]

Certainly an interesting way to announce a game. Hopefully we actually get to see what this game is all about in the near future.

[PR email]

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