Developer moi rai games, the team behind Monster Sanctuary, has revealed that they’re going to bring Aethermancer to Switch. At this time, there’s no word on release date or pricing.

Monster Taming meets Roguelite. Become the Aethermancer and fight alongside mythical creatures. Explore the ever-changing Fractured Ruins. Plan your moves in challenging turn-based battles utilizing the four elements of Aether. Watch your Monsters grow stronger from previous lives and defy death!

Encounter the Monsters of Terastae that defied the virtues of this world and are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. You as an Aethermancer have the ability to bond with these Monsters and help them achieve Worthiness to escape this cycle. Guide a party of three Monsters through dangerous environments and utilize their actions and skills in combat. As they advance, make decisions in a smart skill selection system. What skills you can choose from is based on the Monster’s types and elements, the skill choices you made before and the other Monsters in your party - making every Monster truly unique!

Fight ferocious Monsters and divine bosses in turn-based battleswhere every action has consequences. Adapt your strategy to each combat, consider your synergies, and plan the actions of your Monsters wisely. Harness and manage the four elements of Aether in order to unleash powerful spells. But whatever you do, make sure you watch the HP of your Monsters…

When your Monsters die in combat, you will lose them. Permanently. But you have the power to defy death by using their souls for rebirth. Their skills will be lost in the process, but they may live again as the same Monsters. Never lose hope! Your Monsters will grow stronger from their previous lives as they gain Worthiness with your help.

Impact combat as the Aethermancer. Unlock player classes that allow you to take on different roles. Each player class has distinguishing features that change how you play the game, allowing you to experience the game in your own way.

Stop the encroaching danger of the Void. Use your Aethermancer abilities and explore, sneak, and fight your way through procedurally generated levels with multiple pathways. Keep going until you lose your Monsters.


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