Warframe hosts devstreams all the time to keep players updated on what’s coming next to the game, and they’ve got something special prepared for tomorrow.

Tennos around the world can tune in April 8th, 2022 at 2 PM EDT to check out new gameplay aboard the fabled Zariman Ten Zero. Viewers tuning in will be among the first to receive information on the launch date for Angels of the Zariman, and can expect a complete reveal of Warframe’s 49th playable Warframe, Gyre, including a first look at her exclusive Customizations and electric-based Abilities in action.

In addition to a complete reveal of Gyre, viewers will discover more high octane, classic Warframe action unveiled through a second, brand new endless mission type launching with the expansion this spring.

Additional guided walkthroughs of gameplay on Devstream 161 will showcase more of Angels of the Zariman’s supporting features, including Evolving Weapons, Voidshell Skins, Valkyr Deluxe, and so much more!

You’ll be able to watch this devstream event on Digital Extremes’ YouTube and Twitch channels.


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