Gamers don’t agree on much, but one thing that seems to unite most who play videogames is a dislike of both NFTs and blockchain. Gamers have really pushed back against any companies who seem interested in those avenues, and unfortunately, it seems we might have new reason to rally against the subject once again.

Pokémon Co. International has put up a new job listing for a Corporate Development Principal, President & Corporate Development Office. This listing is pretty standard fare, until you get towards the bottom. That’s where you’ll find this line, which pertains to what Pokémon Co. is looking for in a candidate.

Deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3, including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse.

While Pokémon Co. hasn’t announced any NFT or blockchain projects, it’s clear they have at least some interest in those areas. Hopefully those in charge decide to steer clear of these areas altogether, but for now, there’s certainly reason to be a tad nervous.

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Get Reggie on the phone!


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What's troubling right now is that buzzwords like "NFT" and "Blockchain" are the things that currently attract attention from investors, who are fickle, reactionary, and don't fully understand the video game market. I know that doesn't apply so much to Pokemon, which isn't reliant on venture capital, but it means we probably will be seeing more of this stuff for the immediate future... at least until a big NFT-based project fails and loses investors a lot of money.


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Sad thing is Nintendo can't block this otherwise Creatures and GameFREAK can just take Pokemon from Nintendo and just leave. We'll have to see if failed NFT projects sink Creatures and GameFREAK down the line which could free up Nintendo to buy all of the IP Creatures and GameFREAK holds.


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It would be nice to see *someone* use blockchain specifically for entertainment value and not speculation value (and gratuitous power costs). Will that happen here? It’s a kid-friendly brand, but adult content creators are loud, reckless, and rich enough that there are no guarantees anymore.

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I have yet to see a usefull implementation of those things.
Well, you could say the same thing about amiibos I guess...