Wondering what’s next for Overwatch 2? A One-Punch Man crossover was just introduced last week, but obviously, there’s a lot more fresh content on the way. As for what exactly we can expect, it seems like a mix of old and new is a safe bet.

In a chat with Blizzard Lead Hero Designer, Alec Dawson, we don’t get specifics on what’s coming next for Overwatch 2, but we do get some notes on the kind of content we can expect.

“You’ll see a mix of it, to be honest, you’ll see new things that don’t necessarily exist in lore yet, that we create and figure out how we introduce them into Overwatch, and then you’ll see some familiar faces you have seen previously.”

[Lead Hero Designer, Alec Dawson]

It’s good to know that some content from the original Overwatch will be heading over, along with brand-new faces to deepen the experience. Hopefully we get a peek at some of this content soon!

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