Orbis is teeming with a wild and monstrous fauna, ready to steal your fire! When you feel the ground moving beneath your feet, escape! The Mole is trying to eat you for dinner. A fast dash followed by a burning punch should put that diggy worm back where it belongs: on the menu!

This miniature version of Frank Herbert’s sand worm is at least as sneaky as its spiritual big brother, and is definitely not venerated by the local population. The few trials to domesticate it for ploughing the fields at the Vulpis village having all failed, Ignis has found that it makes for a very convenient snack when hunting for fire sparks.

Flame Keeper is currently an ongoing game and will be developed and shaped with the community’s involvement. You can expect the experience to evolve as you play and give feedback, and as we continue to update and add content. You can look forward to new weapons and perks, new biomes, enemies, bosses, vendor items like elixirs, and much more over the coming months.


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