Being a big pro wrestling/WWE fan, I know quite a bit about WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. The only bit of my knowledge that’s important to share here is that Cody is a massive fan of videogames. In particular, Cody has an affinity for Nintendo titles, and none more so than The Legend of Zelda.

Cody is such a Legend of Zelda diehard that this is far from the first time he’s made references to the series in the ring. Cody used to have a pair of boots that had a Triforce on them, the announcers dropped a line directly from Ocarina of Time during one of his Wrestlemania matches, and tonight’s RAW gave us yet another nod from Cody to Nintendo’s timeless franchise.

At the 1:43 mark above, Cody is in the middle of a passionate promo for his upcoming Wrestlemania match. During that segment, there’s a quick mention that Legend of Zelda fans will no doubt applaud. Give the video a click above at the 1:43 mark and hear the mention for yourself!

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