Astroneer has been updated to Version 1.27.301.0 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • AS-18853 ǀ When the LTE is no longer active, the game won’t crash if a printer had an LTE item selected, and there was a platform within the printer’s output area that did not have an open slot for the printed item.
  • AS-18866 ǀ When T2 carrying an item while using the gamepad, the player is now able to proximity select the held item
  • AS-18857 ǀ Rail cars now have slot rules turned off when leaving a Rail Station in the same direction as the car’s arrival
  • AS-18862 ǀ Revised ‘Align’ minigame to address player confusion
  • AS-18856 ǀ The Trade Platform now automatically pulls (or pushes) scrap, Astronium, or Fault Finders
  • AS-18867 ǀ Active Fault Finder minigame can now be canceled
  • AS-18861 ǀ Research Chamber now auto pulls Researchable Items acquired from Rails Missions
  • AS-18850 ǀ Full audio/song now plays when Curious Object/ Skybreaker is used during the Firewall mission
  • AS-18865 ǀ Some mission rewards have been tweaked to no longer be confusing or cause issues for players
  • AS-18858 ǀ The Red/default firework is no longer missing from the Trade Platform

Dedicated Servers/Multiplayer:

  • AS-18105 ǀ Host’s performance should no longer be severely degraded when a client joins when certain Rail Missions are active
  • AS-18819 ǀ Player can now crack the data log and mission log in the Sun Room
  • AS-18898 ǀ Button on Sun Room Data Log now works after loading a save
  • AS-18877 ǀ Attempting to reclaim key mission items in Sun Room will no longer fail
  • AS-18852 ǀ Mission reward items can now be claimed in the Sun Room in situations they previously could not


  • AS-18918 ǀ Depots and You description text is no longer missing Portuguese translation
  • AS-18854 ǀ When in French, the ‘My Crew’ description now shows the correct translation
  • AS-18910 ǀ Several Rails-related logs and descriptions are no longer missing translations

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