The Wreck crashes onto Switch today

What a wreck...emotionally speaking

14 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Pixel Hunt, AKA the studio behind bafta-nominated Bury Me, My Love, have released their new visual novel The Wreck. The game is out today on Switch.

The Wreck is a mature 3D visual novel about sisterhood, motherhood, grief and survival. Players follow failed screenwriter Junon as she attempts to make it through the most pivotal day in her life, navigating difficult conversations and piecing together where things went wrong.

With her mother in critical condition and her mind on the point of collapse, Junon must relive the past, alter the present, and embrace the future - or else her story will end in a wreck. The game received an Honourable Mention for Excellence in Narrative from the IGF in 2023.

  • Explore Junon’s scattered thoughts through interactive text and dialogue
  • Meet a small cast of nuanced, complex characters
  • Assemble a non-linear narrative exploring themes of trauma & recovery
  • Experience the powerful story from the creators of Bury Me, My Love
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