Disney Speedstorm's various modes detailed

More than just standard racing

14 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Gameloft has been working hard on Disney Speedstorm in order to offer something beyond the traditional kart racer. Today, in the team’s latest dev blog, we get to learn about some new and exciting modes players will get to tackle.


In Floating Objects races, all the skill boxes and speed boosters can be found up in the air, with players needing to hop in order to reach them. Players must time their jumps perfectly to acquire the skills or touch the boosters, putting their race craft and dexterity to the test. Jumping from booster to booster will also result in some amazing chain jumps!


In Fog Challenge races, the track will be covered in fog, making it difficult to see the track ahead. The Mini Map will also be removed, making it harder for players to figure out the shape of the track and where they are located on it. This mode will reward dedicated players who know the ins and outs of each track!


In Single Skill races, skill boxes award all players with the same skill for the entirety of the race. For example, all players will pick up the Fire Skill every time they hit a skill box. The skill you will be using is determined before the race starts and there’s even the possibility that Unique Skills are the only pick up possible. These races will test your creativity on the track and teach players all about each specific skill and its uses (regular, charged, and backwards activations).

If you’d like to see some quick snippets of these modes in action, you can find videos at the official dev blog.

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