Goodra Is Now Available in Pokémon UNITE

This is gonna be Goodra

16 March 2023
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Hunker down and defend your teammates with Goodra in Pokémon UNITE! Goodra begins each match as Goomy before evolving into Sliggoo and finally Goodra. This Dragon-type Defender from the Kalos region excels at spreading slime and slowing down the opposition with its Gooey Ability, boosted attacks, and upgraded moves. You can obtain Goodra for 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Goodra will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release.

Goodra’s Gooey Ability slows down the enemy while also healing Goodra. When Goodra is hit by an attack, there is a set chance it will spread slime around itself. The slime deals damage to opposing Pokémon and applies a Gooey slowing effect to them for a short time. The Gooey slowing effect decreases movement speed and can stack up to four times per opposing Pokémon. When Goodra enters tall grass, it continually recovers a set amount of HP until it either attacks or leaves the tall grass. This HP recovery effect goes into cooldown after it’s triggered.

Goodra’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, applying a Gooey slowing effect to opposing Pokémon it hits. Boosted attacks launch slime at distant opposing Pokémon and deal increased damage to nearby opposing Pokémon.

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