There are only a handful of Play! Pokémon tournaments every year, but the GO Battle League in Pokémon GO is always available for Trainers to hone their battling skills. Season 10: Rising Heroes has just begun, and with it comes new opportunities to climb the ladder with the goal of reaching Legend rank, explore new formats, and earn great rewards including Stardust and Legendary Pokémon.

The GO Battle League rotates through three main formats twice every Season. Pokémon eligibility in these formats is based on Combat Power (CP): Great League (1,500 CP and under), Ultra League (2,500 CP and under), and Master League (no limit). Each of these main formats is typically available for two weeks at a time before rotating to the next.

You might be most familiar with the open Great League format, which is used for Play! Pokémon tournaments. However, the GO Battle League also offers opportunities to explore formats with different restrictions and requirements, such as Pokémon type, via special cups. In addition to the three main open formats, there is always a special cup available in the GO Battle League, which rotates every week.

Today, Pokémon Co. takes you through each of the special cups available during GO Battle League: Rising Heroes as well as general advice on preparing for multiple formats. If you want some tips and tricks, you can find them here.

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