We’ve heard tiny snippets of Chris Pratt’s take on Mario in the Super Mario Bros. movie, but not quite enough to sink our teeth into. While we’ll have to wait until the full movie to really get a sense of how he does, a recent appearance from Pratt on a talk show does give us a bit more to listen to.

Pratt stopped by the BBC’s The One Show to do a bit of press for the Mario movie, and outside of the usual chatter about the movie’s story and its cast, Pratt also did a bit more of his take on Mario’s voice. You can see and hear the full portion of his voice work in the clip above.

From what you’ve heard so far, do you think Pratt is doing a decent job, or does he still have a lot left to prove?

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1+ y ago

We've got to give the man a chance...i understand that he said a lot of things. I probably don't know half of his background.

However, he's an actor and his work should be judged based on his performance on the big screen. Can't wait to see it now, tickets booked for opening night!

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1y ago

I just love how half the world couldn't care less about ChirsPratt since they're getting versions in their own languages.