The developers behind Surf Club haven’t 100% committed to a Switch version of the game, but they have shared interest in bringing the title over. While we wait and cross our fingers for a confirmation, you can check out the latest gameplay trailer for the title above.

Six years after Holly moved away from Olive Bay, she is contacted by her former best friend and romantic partner Bede, who wishes to reconnect with her. The two once imagined a life together, but parted on painful terms.

Despite her apprehension, the allure of the past and her affection for Bede compels her to return to her home town, where she hopes they can finally live out their dreams together.

  • Short, Intimate Story – Inspired by real life experiences and locations. (Average playtime: three hours.)
  • Narrative-Driven Gameplay – Explore Olive Bay in the past and the present as the timelines blur together.
  • Fully Interactive Environment Plenty of characters to meet, locations around town to visit and secret collectables to discover.
  • Immersive Maritime Soundtrack – Lead by Eli Rainsberry (No Longer Home, Wilmot’s Warehouse, A Monster’s Expedition).
  • And yes, surfing!

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