Are you ready to go back to where it all began and see how Bayonetta first learned to wield her demonic powers? Experience Cereza’s first taste of the dark arts and get ready to discover how this ultimate Umbra Witch came to be in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, now available on Switch.

Years before she became the powerful, hair-lashing Bayonetta, a young witch apprentice named Cereza was still finding her place in a whimsical world full of danger and mystery.

In this enchanting new coming-of-age story, you forge a path of discovery as Cereza goes on a quest to gain the power needed to save her mother. Dangers and revelations await as you guide her on a fateful journey into the forbidden Avalon Forest alongside Cheshire, her very first demon, which has possessed Cereza’s stuffed toy.

The game features a distinctive hand-painted art design and a gameplay style that is new to the Bayonetta series. Controlling Cereza and Cheshire, you will focus on exploration, combat and puzzle solving as you venture ever deeper into the forest. But be warned: The forest has a taste for lost witches.

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