Don’t Stare Together has released the Wilson update on other platforms and to celebrate they have released a new animated short that you can watch above.

While the Wilson update has not hit the Switch version of the game yet it is confirmed to be coming soon. We will of course keep you updated for when the update drops, until then though here are some of the patch notes the update will bring.


Wilson Update

  • Wilson becomes more seasoned over time by getting inspiration that he can spend on learning new skills.
  • Wilson can use the inspiration to open new abilities in categories of “Beard” “Torch” and “Alchemy”
  • The Inspiration persists between games.

New NPC encounter A new creature can be found in the world.

  • Added Beard Rug Turf
  • Pick/Axe now provides tier 1 shadow level for Maxwell.
  • Using the Razor shaves off one level of beard at a time now.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug causing followers and minions to sometimes not attack a hostile creature.

If you want to read more details about this update follow the link below!

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