Listen, we know nothing can top last week’s episode. It was an all-time classic! That said, we do our best to keep you informed and entertained with this show. Hopefully you get some chuckles and insight!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!

Thanks to Giant Reggie for putting together the timestamps for this week’s episode!

  • 00:00:00 Theme Music
  • 00:00:33 Podcast Intro
  • 00:00:40 Pokemon: Sirfetch’d
  • 00:02:12 Crew Intro
  • 00:05:24 Hello to the Discord
  • 00:06:02 This Show is Dedicated to Lance Reddick
  • 00:12:39 Pronunciation of Vehemently
  • 00:13:59 Discussion: The Last of Us
  • 00:31:05 Discussion: Guillermo del Toro at the Oscars
  • 00:38:53 Discussion: Show Cancellations
  • 00:44:02 VampireLord Comment
  • 00:48:58 It’s Time for the News!
  • 00:49:43 Doug Bowser Has Nothing to Announce on Switch Successor
  • 00:59:31 Doug Bowser Believes Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Worth $70
  • 01:08:09 Pokemon Job Listing Mentions NFTs and Blockchain
  • 01:09:34 World Video Game Hall of Fame 2023 Nominees
  • 01:17:13 New Game Boy, SNES, and NES Games Added to Nintendo Switch Online
  • 01:23:37 Splatoon 3 Cryptids Splatfest Announced for April 1st
  • 01:31:40 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 01:35:25 Nicky Hill’s Sweet European Releases
  • 01:45:03 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Pre-Orders in Japan Surpass Breath of the Wild
  • 01:46:32 What MomBrain Has Been Playing
  • 01:47:54 What Kirby Has Been Playing
  • 01:49:50 What Nicky Hill Has Been Playing
  • 01:54:46 What Deux Has Been Playing
  • 02:05:13 What RMC Has Been Playing
  • 02:07:13 Questyum from Forehandtump
  • 02:18:12 Patreon Question from Outlulz
  • 02:22:50 We’ve Got Music Trivia, You Want to Hear It?
  • 02:31:10 Deux’s Views: Rumor of the Week Starring Deux Michaels
  • 02:33:43 Podcast Outro

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1+ y ago

On the discussion of The Last of Us, I agree with many of the comments from RMC and Deux and I’m someone who never played the game and had no pre-existing impression of the story other than “it’s a zombie thing”.

I think it started strong, but then felt that it jump too quickly through the story. Looking back at 9 episodes, 2 of them were largely irrelevant to the present day story. Not saying those episodes were bad, Bills episode was great, but they cannibalized the time available for the main story.

The end, for me, seemed to come out of nowhere and felt there was some significant development missing between Joel, Ellie and others (redacted). The actions taken by Joel against “background characters” in the last location also seemed very “video-gamey” and unrealistic in the context of the show.

Overall, I was kinda left with a “so that’s it?” feeling.


1+ y ago


Very interesting to hear these thoughts coming from someone who hasn't played the games. Definitely seems like an opinion hard to find among others who haven't played the game, but I guess Deux and I weren't too off the mark with how we felt!

Similar feeling were shared from a friend of mine who also hasn’t played the game. So I think it’s a reasonable opinion of the show. I also agree with what you and Deux said that it could have benefited from a 10th episode and letting episode 9 be a full hour to let the climax build. Based on your discussion, in the game the ending has much more of an impact but I don’t think they hit that same impact in the finale.