The Octopath Traveler series of games features 8 main protagonists as they journey through a sweeping adventure. There’s a lot of tales to tell and characters to encounter along the way, making for quite the interwoven experience when all is said and done. As you might guess, it’s no easy task to put such a game together.

In an interview with Push Square, director Keisuke Miyauchi explained how the team approaches Octopath Traveler titles to ensure the stories don’t become convoluted messes along the way.

When making an Octopath Traveler game, we first start by working out all the details of the world it will be set in. This includes things like the overall nature of the era it is set, what cultures and civilisations exist in the different geographical regions and what kind of people live in that world.

After working out these little details, we look at what kind of stories could realistically take place in the different regions of the world we have built. This approach means that even though we are dealing with eight main characters, we have successfully managed to write grounded stories for them all.

If we were to write stories for each character in a completely free and unrestrained way, with any themes that we liked, it could easily lead to an unmanageable mess of narratives, with overly heroic tales that would just not happen in the world or stories that feel too much like part of a bygone age.

[Director, Keisuke Miyauchi]

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