Chronicles of 2 Heroes has confirmed its release date with a new trailer. After being funded on Kickstarter, this retro platformer will arrive on Switch May 26, 2023.

This new trailer sums up every thrilling aspect of the game: intense action, precise platforming and exquisite pixel art. And, of course, its main mechanic: switching between the protagonists in real time! Kensei is a samurai unable to jump but lethal in close combat. Ayame, on the other hand, is as agile as fragile. Pressing a button makes you switch between these heroes and their more than 20 unlockable skills.

Kensei and Ayame are the only hope for feudal Japan. Amaterasu and her disciple, Empress Himiko, tyrannize the land with their mighty army of yokai. Combining their skills, the two heroes must reach the imperial capital of Osaka and recover the three sacred treasures, Amaterasu’s source of power. Along the way, they will clash against enemies inspired by Japanese mythology.

Chronicles of 2 Heroes will be available from 19,99 euros, and will be published by Catness Games. Development on Chronicles of 2 Heroes was handled by Infinity Experience.


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