Resident Evil 4 anime short #2 released

We need a whole game like this!

22 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Switch might not be getting the remake of Resident Evil 4, but you can play the original game on Switch right now, and Resident Evil 4 itself has quite the legacy with Nintendo platforms. That’s why we think it’s more than appropriate to share this brand-new animated series Capcom put together for Resident Evil 4.

While much of the advertising for Resident Evil 4’s remake has been gruesome gameplay footage, Capcom has decided to do something decidedly different with their latest content. As you can see above, Capcom has given Resident Evil 4 an anime-style makeover in a new series of shorts, complete with a rather cute take on the series.

The art style used in this feature was made by Nippon Animation, the same studio that handled Masterpiece Theater in Japan. This series showed short anime adaptations of classic stories, and now they’re revisiting that style and idea to bring Resident Evil 4 to life in a new way.

Today brings us the second installment in this animated series, which again, is just barely a minute long. Check it out above!

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