A bright new era dawns upon the divine world of SMITE. As the Season of Monsters ends on March 27, all that is good shall prevail in the Season of Hope! Are you ready to overcome the forces of evil?

Bringing in a new Event, map, Battle Pass, and more, the Season of Hope will reshape SMITE’s core gameplay features and visual identity permanently. This update is even bigger than the Year 10 launch barely three months ago.

The Season of Hope will be revealed during the Update Show on the SMITE Twitch channel this Wednesday, March 22nd, at 3pm EDT. Until then, here are:

New Conquest map – As Surtr called forth Ragnarök, the Goddess Ix Chel answered. Summoned by the brutal destruction caused by Surtr, her pending arrival has already re-shaped the very land itself; creating a new Maya-themed Conquest map. Complete with reimagined geography and pathing, it’s a whole new experience. Ix Chel herself will be arriving later in April, ready to save the Battleground of the Gods!

Full Healing rework – A completely different gameplay experience! The mechanics governing all healing, Brawling, and lifesteal will change radically. That comes with four new items and hundreds of targeted twists on existing gods, abilities and items. Hope Reborn event – A massive, season-long event with over 20 skins, including the latest Tier 5 skin, Leading Lady Aphrodite.

Battle Pass: Duality – Bigger, better, and beefier. For the first time going from 60 to 90 levels of rewards and including a total of 7 skins: three all-new skins each coming with one variant, plus one re-imagined skin from SMITE’s past.

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