Moo Lander, the bovine 2D adventure, has just been delayed. The game should have been out in a matter of weeks, but now the Switch version isn’t coming until sometime in Fall 2022. No reason for the delay was given.

In the universe of Moo Lander, milk reigns as the supreme energy source, possessing a power second only to the stellar explosions of a dying star. Trouble is, it’s rapidly becoming scarce. The steaks – er, stakes – for your civilization are high, but rumors of an ancient device capable of producing infinite quantities of milk have reached your ears. After hoofing it to the only functioning spacecraft your civilization has left, you set out to a gorgeous, handcrafted world full of deadly aliens and ancient taurine foes.

Cruise over peaceful grazing fields and into sinister dungeons searching for the milk source and uncovering the secrets of the Mighty Cows. You’ll need to take stock of the situation before stampeding in. Over 20 Mighty Cows await your arrival in Moo Lander, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

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