The Did You Know Gaming has turned their focus to Resident Evil 4 ahead of the remake’s release, making for the perfect time to cover some classic secrets, Easter eggs and more. This includes a look at an in-game item that you’ll never be able to add to your inventory.

Ushering in a new phase in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 4 focused on the events following the dissolution of Umbrella Corporation. The pioneering over-the-shoulder camera perspective is a departure from the fixed-camera views found in earlier entries, allowing for unrivaled action gameplay which has been met with widespread critical acclaim.

In the wake of the completely unprecedented biological disaster of Raccoon City, the corporation exposed as the initiator of those atrocities, Umbrella, has been dissolved. Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of the incident, has gone on to become a special agent in the direct employ of the president of the United States. The president’s daughter has been kidnapped, and Leon has followed eyewitness reports to a cold village in Europe. In that village, a new intrigue awaits…

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