Sonic the Hedgehog 2 held domestic preview screenings on both Wednesday and Thursday, letting Sonic super fans a couple of days early to check the film out. The receipts from those preview days are in, and the film is off to a fine start.

For Wednesday and Thursday combined, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 pulled in $6.25 million in revenue. You might compare that to something like Spider-Man: No Way Home and think doom and gloom, as that film amassed over $50 million in its preview days. That’s not how you should look at things, though, and there’s another Marvel movie that makes for a much better comparison.

The Sony-developed, non-MCU Marvel film Morbius recently hit theaters, and that brought in $5.7 for its domestic preview. In other words, Sonic managed to beat a Marvel property in previews! Again, Morbius is not part of the MCU, but Sonic’s sequel feat is nonetheless impressive.

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