When people have free time on their hands, they can end up doing strange things. It’s clear someone at Japanese manufacturer Columbus Circle had an inordinate amount of free time, as they somehow came up with the idea of giving the Super Nintendo a toaster-like design.

Believe it or not, this do-it-yourself kit lets you build a functioning Super Famicom that is shaped like a toaster. Yes, you actually have to build the product yourself. Inside the box, you can expect to find the following.

  • A Super Famicom-compatible board
  • Two controllers
  • An AV cable
  • An S cable
  • AC adapter
  • 20 screws

You can use this kit to make all sorts of Super Famicom case designs, but it’s clear Columbus Circle wants you to go the toaster route. Unfortunately, this item is out of stock right now, but we’ll keep an eye out for the next round.

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