We all know Donkey Kong extremely well. We’ve played his games, seen his cartoons, and so on. We pretty much know the character in and out, and it seems Seth Rogen knows a thing or two about the big guy as well.

You’d expect Seth Rogen to be quite familiar with Donkey Kong since he’s voicing the character in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, but it seems he had at least some knowledge of deeper lore with the character prior to the movie. In an interview with Rogen, he name-drops a very specific bit of DK history that is sure to impress fans.

If you don’t want potential spoilers for something that pops up in the film, stop reading here!

“I definitely wanted to incorporate the Donkey Kong rap (in my performance).”

[Seth Rogen]

Now, does that mean the DK Rap is actually in the movie? We won’t know for sure until the film releases, but it certainly sounds like there will at least be some kind of reference thrown in there. If so, I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

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