Redemption Reapers has been updated to Version 1.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Adjusted the narration volume
  • Adjusted the volume of the event video
  • Fixed issue where the opponent’s hit rate would always be at 0% when using the butterfly sting
  • Fixed issue where only 5 weapons could be stored in the storehouse
  • Fixed issue where Lug’s attack skills would not consume weapon durability
  • Fixed issue where the weapon durability decreased when using the recovering/defending skill
  • Fixed issue where Karen’s second accessory would have a “!” mark on it
  • Fixed issue where the event movie would be skipped automatically
  • Fixed issue where the achievement for clearing a chapter would be unlocked after clearing a skirmish
  • Fixed the growth parameter after training
  • Adjusted Glenn’s endurance growth rate
  • Changed parts of the NPC’s AI
  • Adjusted the display of the current experience level on the battle map

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