There have been rumblings for awhile now that the Super Mario Bros. movie will feature a musical number with Bowser. While we’re still waiting on 100% confirmation of that, Jack Black has given us the best tease yet.

The image above comes from Black’s Instagram, and as you can see, he’s posting with the Jakks Pacific Bowser doll. Also in the picture is some sheet music for a song called Peaches. Most fans think this is a very obvious tease about a Peach-related song in the Super Mario Bros. movie, and we’re definitely getting the same vibes.


Taking things a step further, fans have noticed posters plastered around NYC that tease the same song alongside Bowser imagery. Black’s photo on Instagram along with the viral marketing from Universal above are about as close to confirmed as you can get. Of course, we won’t know for certain until the movie arrives, or critics spill the beans a few days early.

Lastly, a series of videos have been shared that come from a Super Mario Bros. movie promotional event at a 7-Eleven in Mexico. These videos give us a trio of poorly-recorded samples from the film’s soundtrack. It would obviously be a lot better to hear these in person, but low-quality samples are better than nothing! You can check out the tunes below.

A big thanks to GameXplain for spreading the word on these discoveries!

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