Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has been received a new update (v1.0.2) in Japan, which fixes a number of bugs. Check out the full patch notes below as translated by Perfectly-Nintendo

  • Fixed an issue causing camera to suddenly move on the hill in front of the mansion.
  • Fixes an issue causing a delay in the time it takes for a facility to be completed after ordering it.
  • Fixes an issue causing eggs to be placed under the grazing bell and staying there for several days.
  • Fixes an issue causing all animals to go to sleep at the wrong time on the first day of Spring
  • Fixes an issue causing the Moo-Moo Event to freeze during the second stage if triggered under certain conditions
  • Fixes an issue preventing progress if child is put back down after being lifted up.
  • Fixes an issue causing the content of the children’s treasure boasting event to be fixed regardless of the room conditions.
  • Fixes a bug causing the Harvest Sprites to get stuck in a large tree near their house, unable to get out.
  • Fixes various other issues.

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