The reactive feature of Supercharged is back in MLB The Show 23 to give Diamond Dynasty player ratings a huge boost based on incredible performances in real life – and new this season – there will be a weekly fan vote!

Any MLB player can have an electric performance on the field deserving of a Supercharged rating change in the game.

Continuing the Opening Day tradition, the Live Team at San Diego Studio will be breaking all of the Supercharged rules! MLB The Show 23 will be celebrating the start of the 2023 MLB season by Supercharging the standout players from each of the 15 Opening Day games on March 30th.

The plan for the regular season will be a little different than what Diamond Dynasty fans saw in 2022. All Supercharged player ratings will change the next weekday morning after a game around 10 a.m. PT.

Any big performances on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be reflected in Diamond Dynasty on the following Monday at 10 a.m. PT. Another big change – we will be extending the temporary Supercharged player ratings to last for five days, and all Supercharged players in 2023 will reach 99 Overall in Diamond Dynasty!

During every Monday of the regular season, look for a weekly Twitter poll (Follow @MLBTheShow) to let fans decide which player is worthy of being the Supercharged Player of the Week. Once the community vote has concluded, this player will be Supercharged to a 99 OVR for the next week! This means there will be at least one Supercharged player every day throughout the 2023 season!

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