The Outbound Ghost legal drama continues, countersuit filed

Legal battles are scarier than any ghost

31 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

There has been a lot of drama between The Outbound Ghost creator Conradical Games and publisher Digerati ever since the game launched. It all stemmed from what Conradical Games claimed was an incorrect version of the game that hit digital shops on launch day. This led to a public and rather contentious back-and-forth about who was in the right/wrong.

That battle is still going on, as Conradical Games has revealed that they’ve now countersued Digerati. This was revealed through a video that was posted through Conradical Games’ Conrad Grindheim, and you can check that out in full above.

Grindheim claims that Digerati is withholding revenue information, and once again suggests the publisher released an untested version of The Outbound Ghost without Conradical Games’ permission or approval.

This is likely to get much worse before it gets better. We’ll be keeping track of the situation and let you know of any further developments.

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1y ago

The game has a lot of issues. Framerate, clipping through the environment, load times, low resolution artwork in menus. If it got all of those things fixed, it would be a really cute Paper Mario clone. Sigh.