Man, this episode went in a billion different directions I wasn’t expecting. I had an outline for things to talk about at the start of the show, and that’s when everything went off the rails! All I know is that we had fun, and I hope you find it entertaining as well. Oh, and there’s lots of Nintendo news as well!


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2y ago

The US Masters is on, so, sorry I'm watching that. And there's an Irish man in second place. It looks like it's Scheffler's tournament to lose though, even with a round and a half left. ⛳


2y ago

Amazing artwork. Period


2y ago


It's definitely giving me Ren & Stimpy/Rocko's Modern Life vibes, so I definitely approve!


2y ago

Seeing this artwork makes me want to reevaluate my life. “Don’t sweat the petty, pet the sweaty.”


2y ago

The Podcast Art is so amazing : D


2y ago

Sorny? Listen, I'm not going to lie to you, that's a superior machine. But if you like to watch your TV, and I mean really watch it, you want the Carnivalé. It features: two-pronged wall plug, pre-molded hand grip well, durable outer casing to prevent fall-apart.

Love the artwork, there's a lot going on.

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NEVER change!

Also between that mantra and "I don't want to Deux Michael's it, I want to Michael Deux it" you're on a roll! I think you're ready to climb to the top of the self-help charts!


2y ago

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

This ep was chock full of fun bits! This gang is my favorite group of humans