As you know, Nintendo decided to delay Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp from its initial April 8th, 2022 release date due to the conflict taking place between Russia and Ukraine. We don’t have a new release date yet, but for one lucky Switch owner, that date doesn’t matter!

Twitter user Killetheth had preloaded Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp prior to the game being delayed, and by some stroke of luck, the game downloaded for them on launch day. We’re not quite sure how that slipped through Nintendo’s servers, but Killetheth does indeed have the full game.

On April 8th, we did notice that Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp was undergoing maintenance on the Switch eShop, but thought nothing of it, as the game didn’t have a new release date. It appears that maintenance may have led to this happy accident for at least one player.

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1+ y ago

Quick! Sell your switch to the highest bidder before the rest of the world has access to this game!


1+ y ago

I wonder if said person can find any players while trying to matchmake online, i bet none unless devs have access to it.


1+ y ago

Just release the game for everybody. The reason to delay it was stupid enough, Nintendo doesn't need to get involved with politics unless it involves removing politics from their games.

An invasion of a country is not politics...


1+ y ago


Most wars start because of political decisions, sometimes erroneous ones.


1+ y ago


Promoting a game that portrays war as very light hearted and fun while one country invades another IRL just seems to be distasteful. I think the decision to delay it was the right call. You could argue that there is always some kind of war or conflict going on and you would probably be right. But I think this Ukraine situation has struck a nerve because it feels too close to home. I wish the rest of the world would react to other conflicts the same way but that unfortunately just isn't how things work right now.

What a pigheaded response, lol.

"It's stupid to delay this game that makes plays war as a lighthearted affair when a war is starting in the world. Nintendo shouldn't care or respect people, they shouldn't change their games unless it's to remove stuff that I find offensive personally! Then it's good!!"

One of the first missions is about an analogy of Russia invading and occupying another territory. Seemed like kinda bad taste to release it as that was happening irl!

That's like saying that a mass shooting at a school is politics because the shooter did it for a "political reason". That's not politics, it's a tragedy. A country invading another country and slaughtering thousands of innocent people is not politics, it's a tragedy. You thinking the war is simply politics, is a tragedy.


1+ y ago


lol, oh wow. This is such a sheltered response that could only come from the ignorant. I'm curious, would you supported boycotting the call of duty games when Obama bombed 7 countries including funerals, weddings, hospitals and children? Did any studio delay their games for when those wars started?

People like you the worst of the worst. You got no principles, you only follow without thinking and want to drag everyone down with you.


1+ y ago


Sure it's a tragedy.

And guess what.. It's also EXTREMELY political.

Sure, I would have supported a boycott of those games, I don't even like Call of Duty, lol. I don't think war is ever a good thing, sad to say. Both of your examples are from countries doing terrible acts to less-fortunate ones and overpowering them and killing innocent people. Do I think that's a bad thing?

...Yes??? Like, I'm not sure what you're getting at here. But yeah, you sure got me by insulting me repeatedly.