Xeno Crisis seeing N64, GameCube release

Still some life left in these old platforms

02 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Xeno Crisis has seen release on a staggering amount of platforms, including hardware both old and new. If you want to play the game right now, you can hop on the Switch eShop and pick it up for $20. If you’d rather play it in a more unique way, developers Bitmap Bureau Ltd. have two more options on the way.

Bitmap Bureau Ltd. has revealed that Xeno Crisis will see release on both the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. It’s extremely rare that we see new games for these platforms nowadays, and even likely that they get physical releases.

If you want to go with the N64 cartridge, you’ll have to cough up £55.00. If you’d rather snag a GameCube disc, that’ll run you £30. You can place a pre-order for either version right now, with copies expected to ship out sometime by the end of April 2023. Lock in your pre-order via the Bitmap Bureau Ltd. store here!

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1y ago

It is amazing to see new releases for Gamecube and N64 haha! And respect to Bitmap Bureau Ltd. for bringing their game to so many platforms. This game reminds me of Commando, but a whole lot better. I was kinda hooked to Commando back in the days.

I keep wondering what would happen if a huge franchise game like Zelda of Final Fantasy or another giant (maybe a huUge indie game hit!) did a perfect new game exclusive release to one of these older platforms. Getting perfect reviews on the GameCube or N64. Many more people might dig up their old systems and discover it to be a treasure that makes it possible to play that perfect new gem of a game.

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