The Switch is quite the versatile system, as it can be played on TV, in tabletop mode, or as a portable. Finding a comfortable way to play in portable mode can be a challenge for some, which is where a company like Fixture comes in.

Fixture has already released the S1, which is a clip/grip that allows you to attach your Switch screen to a Pro Controller. This allows you to play with your favorite controller while on the go, and there’s no need to hold the Switch itself separately.

The only hiccup with this design is that it doesn’t work with the Switch OLED version. Thankfully, a new version of the S1 is on the way, and it launches sometime this Summer. The accessory is called the S2, and other than supporting the Switch OLED, it should be exactly the same as its predecessor.

We’ll be sure to link you in to the S2 when pre-orders open. Expect the accessory to be priced somewhere around the $35 mark.

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