A hotfix has been pushed live for Have a Nice Death. You can see the patch notes for this hotfix below.


  • Better handling of the end of loading between levels (less visible freezes), and less performance issues at a start of a level (used to have poor performances a few seconds after the player spawn on some levels)
  • Changed bundle organization (delete duplicate references) to reduce build size from 2go to 1.5go, and reduce loading times between levels (10% on average)


  • In Department of Inevitable Time, players were able to go to the last hidden boss when they should not.
  • Players were not able to rebind the inputs the first time he plugs a new controller.
  • Minor level design fixes in all worlds.
  • Players could be blocked after the Game over screen if they die after restarting a run (with pause menu).
  • The game could crash during a fight in an arena with two Tempus (Department of Inevitable Time).
  • Invisible attack from Time boss.
  • Fixed an issue with the curse “Iranima”
  • Logos didn’t not appear at the start of the game.

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