Hideyuki Fukasawa, the lead composer of Witch of the Holy Night, sat down in an interview with Siliconera to talk the game’s soundtrack. We’ll leave the full interview below for you to read but an interesting tidbit is that the composer avoided listening to the soundtracks of past titles to keep from being influenced.

How did Tsukihime and TYPE-MOON’s other games influence this soundtrack?

Fukasawa: Before working on Witch on the Holy Night, I knew that there was a game called Fate/stay night and I knew what it was about, but I had never played it, nor did I know that it was a TYPE-MOON title.

When I was assigned to work on [Witch on the Holy Night], I thought my work would be affected by the other titles if I looked at them beforehand, so I purposefully avoided them so I could work with a blank canvas. So I don’t believe other titles had much influence on this work.


Despite this effort, Fukasawa admits that one song from “The Garden of Sinners” slipped through the cracks. If you want to hear more one what they had to say about composing for the game we highly suggest reading Siliconera’s full interview.

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