Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with Illumination’s Chris Meledandri to discuss everything and anything about the Super Mario Bros. movie, and he shared a few interesting points on the project in general, along with why previous Mario adaptations had fallen flat.

First up, Miyamoto specifically discussed what the roles of Nintendo and Illumination were on the film. Not surprisingly, it was Illumination that was tasked with putting together a cohesive, entertaining story that could fit into 90 minutes and stay true to what the Mario universe had to offer. On the Nintendo side of things, Nintendo oversaw everything along the way, and particularly focused on making sure Illumination got the details right. The designs, action, and direction to a painstaking level were pored over and approved by Nintendo.

Along with that, Miyamoto also talked about why previous adaptations for Mario failed to hit the mark. According to Miyamoto, the lack cooperation between the film makers and Nintendo themselves led to projects that didn’t feel like they had care put into them, or came from a place of understanding what Mario and the Mario universe is all about.

You can hear about all this and more in the Variety interview above.

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