Dauntless has been updated to Version 1.13.5. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Springtide: April 6 – 20

As the weather warms up, adorable cotton-tailed pufflehops are making their way back to the Shattered Isles. Embrace the season’s golden moments this year with exclusive Springtide rewards, a brand-new weapon event, and dazzling new Springtide gear!

Earn the seasonal currency of carrot chips via the Pufflehop Rescue Mission, the Pufflehop Rescue quest, and breaking Behemoth parts. Exchange carrot chips at Honest Ozz’s shop for a refreshing selection of Springtide cosmetics and rumours.

Complete the Springtime Eggventures quest to earn an egg-citing crown and a brand-new title!

The Golden Claws

Visit Lady Luck in Ramsgate to accept her quest. After putting together and deciphering the four treasure maps she has given you, embark on a series of new quests to craft The Golden Claws, a pair of strikers forged from rare and exquisite gold.

Once you have crafted the strikers, complete special time-limited quests to level them up from level one to ten. Finally, reforge this weapon to unleash its ultimate power!

The Golden Claws are yours to keep even after Springtide ends, but the weapon can only be crafted and enhanced during Springtide.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where banked XP wouldn’t fill the display bars correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where banked XP would be doubled a second time during double XP weekends.
  • Fixed an issue where the banked XP bar would not update after unlocking the next banked XP node in the Slayer’s Path until changing instances.

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