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06 April 2023
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Developer Embers has shared a new pre-order trailer for upcoming action adventure game Strayed Lights, set to launch April 25th, 2023 for $24.99 on Switch. Pre-order today via the game’s official website and receive the 120-page Strayed Lights digital art book plus the title’s soundtrack composed by the Grammy award-winning Austin Wintory for free.

In the new video, players will discover some of the glowing wildlife, treacherous environments, and merciless monsters that lie at the heart of Strayed Light’s meditative journey. The road to transcendence will require confrontation with eerie creatures that reside inside and outside the soul. Are you willing to open your eyes and take the first step?

In Strayed Lights, players will join an unbalanced being of light and darkness as it sets forth through a dreamlike world in order to achieve awakening. As the being grows from a lost child to a determined adult, players will venture across misty mountains, dark caves, broken cities, and luminescent ruins. Violent shadow creatures will stand in the tiny light’s path, but these monsters are meant to be soothed, not slaughtered.

Strayed Lights will challenge players to confront the monsters through a dynamic color-coordinated combat system. Shift between orange and blue states of being to parry enemy attacks and absorb their energy. Counter, strike, and parry with precision to unleash powerful bursts of energy capable of inflicting incredible damage. Master the moving masterpiece that is Strayed Light’s combat flow to quell a monster’s unrest and free them from their inner demons.

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