Dumbgood Releases New Kirby Collection Tees

Looking for more Kirby apparel?

06 April 2023
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Dumbgood, the premiere lifestyle brand specializing in elevated and unique licensed products from Bioworld, have released a new series of tees inspired by the popular video game character Kirby! The pink, cheerful, fearless creature makes an appearance on the brand’s stylish yet comfortable tees on and is also joined by his enigmatic rival Metaknight who appears on a tee of his own.

The new Kirby tee apparel (MSRP: $36) consists of the Kirby Sword Navy Tee, Kirby Whip Gold Tee, and the Metaknight Green Tee which are the perfect streetwear for any video game fan and fashion enthusiast. The latest product line by Dumbgood presents another example of a successful creation resulting from the brand pushing the depths of pop culture licensing.

The items are currently available on Dumbgood’s retail site in addition to other products from the already existing Kirby collection.

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