Those who’ve seen the Super Mario Bros. movie know that it’s jam-packed with music from both the Mario and Donkey Kong franchises. There are songs that get fully adapted, along with others that are quickly references in 1-to-2 second snippets. Outside of the handful of licensed music in the movie, the vast majority of the film features music from all throughout Mario’s history.

The Mario franchise certainly has a ton of music to pull from, spanning 4 decades altogether. That gave Super Mario Bros. movie composer Brian Tyler plenty to work with, and he was more than happy to dive deep into the catalog.

Tyler talked to Yahoo! about his work on the movie, and according to his estimates, there are at least 130 different Mario songs referenced in the film. Someone would have to watch the movie and painstakingly listen to every single moment to find all the nods to Mario’s music, but they’d also need an incredibly deep knowledge of Mario’s catalog to spot them all. I’m sure someone out there is up for the challenge!


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