You’ve played Donkey Kong before, and have likely done so both at home and on an arcade machine. What you haven’t done is played Donkey Kong on a 20-foot arcade machine behemoth, but you’ll be able to live out that new dream this Summer.

The Strong National Museum of Play have announced that they’re teaming with Nintendo to create a 20-foot-tall, fully playable Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, and it will up-and-running at the museum starting June 30th, 2023. This giant arcade cabinet is part of the museum’s new 90,000 square-foot-expansion that will bring in even more historical gaming goodness.

Just to put things into perspective, this 20-foot version of Donkey Kong is 370% larger than a standard arcade unit. Not surprisingly, Nintendo is paying very close attention to the arcade cabinet on the inside as well as out. This version of Donkey Kong will be running on a motherboard from an original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, so it’ll play exactly like the classic version.

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