Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion aimed to take the original release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and revamp it in as many was as possible. One area in particular that received a major refresh was lip-syncing, and in a new feature, Square Enix has shared details on the work that went into fixing things up.

Square Enix shared that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion uses CRI LipSync technology from CRI Middleware, which was used in both the Japanese and English dubs of the game. This software analyzes the voice actor audio and then adjusts the mouth movements of characters, which can then be fine-tuned by a developer.

Making Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion fully voiced as compared to the original release was a big goal for the team, and the work with CRI LipSync made that process a little less intensive. The developers agreed that using this tech and adding full voice to side missions in particular led to scenes that were more alive and emotional.

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